Saying goodbye to Box Office Buzz

This morning I got a notification that today is my eighth anniversary on WordPress.

It’s a little bit bittersweet because today I have also decided to close down my blog, at least for now.

When I started Box Office Buzz eight years ago, I was pretty shy and nervous about talking about movies online. Since then, this blog has really helped me to grow as a writer and movie reviewer. I feel like blogging has taught me how to dig into movies more deeply and gain a deeper appreciation for the art of film.

But, we go through different seasons in life, and I feel like it’s time to close out this chapter. I feel like I’m just not able to devote the same time/energy to Box Office Buzz as I used to.

I’m definitely not going to delete my old content, and I may come back to this site at some point in the future. But for now, I’m saying goodbye.

I’m definitely going to keep following all of you on WordPress, and I’m excited to continue reading your movie/TV reviews!

If you’d like to keep in touch, you can follow me on Twitter @jediash1 (unsurprisingly, I tweet mostly about Star Wars). 😉 I’m also a blogger for two podcast websites, Earth Station One and The Story Geeks. I’m excited about some of the projects I have coming up on those sites!

Thank you to everyone who has read Box Office Buzz over the years; you support has meant a lot to me. I wish all of you success in the future, and lots of happy movie-watching.

May the Force be with you!


18 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Box Office Buzz

  1. Thank you for providing great content over the years, Ashley! I’m going to miss reading your posts and your participation in blogathons. Good luck and I wish you much success in your future!

  2. This may come as a BIG SURPRISE, but Brad has managed to resurrect his blogging from today.
    I was sad to read that u have chosen to discontinue boxofficebuzz – I understand: health problems and too many other crises/distractions affected my writing output these past 18 months
    Hope I can catch you on those 2 podcasts. Best of luck with these and all other future endeavours, Ash

    Relieved to hear u still plan to Follow others’ blogs, so hopefully what I have produced today will be the 1st of much more to come:

    Happy Halloween!

    • Hello there! I was actually thinking about your blog the other day and hoping that you were doing okay! I can’t wait to check out your brand new blog entry. Sometimes I miss writing for Box Office Buzz, but I’ve been keeping busy with other pop culture stuff and the craziness of life. 😉 I hope you are well and I am so excited about the return of Brad!

      • Yay, Ash!
        So glad to receive a quick reply from u. Absolutely great to hear from u after all this time!
        I had to stay away for so long: with all the bad and crazy guff going on in my life, with my health, it has been difficult concentrating on writing, let alone finishing any sort of Post. But I’ve gradually worked my way thro it, and hopefully Bradscribe can resume some form of normalcy. Now knowing that the legendary Buzzrider is excited about my return helps a lot – much obliged 🙂
        Btw, when u opened with: “Hello there!” I read this Comment thro th voice of Ewan Kenobi. (That was your plan all along, right?) 😉

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