‘I am one with the Force, the Force is with me…’ My first official Star Wars cosplay!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I worked on some sewing projects back in my high school days. But recently I got the urge to sew again, and I decided to create my own Star Wars Jedi costume (I think I was inspired by watching the Clone Wars animated series last fall).

I haven’t been brave enough to take my cosplay to a convention yet 😉 but my husband helped me snap a few photos in our backyard. I chose a maroon color for the tunic and tabards, and gray and black for the accents. I didn’t want to look too “dark side” but I already had black boots and pants and wanted to utilize those.


I made the lightsaber hilt at one of those build-your-own lightsaber booths at Disney World last summer. I think it was mainly meant for kids but there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to make my own lightsaber. 😉


I also decided to make up an original Jedi character to go with the costume and wrote a short story: Star Wars: Ghosts of Memory. I hadn’t really delved into fan fiction too much before but had a lot of fun with it. I may try to write some more short stories about my character eventually. 🙂


I’ve also definitely caught the sewing/cosplay bug again and I’m working on a “Force Awakens” Rey costume now that I’ll hopefully get done in time so I can wear it for Episode VIII. Now I’m also trying to convince my husband to let me make him a Kylo Ren costume… 😉


9 thoughts on “‘I am one with the Force, the Force is with me…’ My first official Star Wars cosplay!

      • That’ll b swell!
        When I was 7, I had a Tusken Raider mask; Mum wrapped me in that lovely lil sand-coloured blanket from th closet; a small fallen branch from th garden had a twisted end making it look like a really groovy Bantha-stick, so off I went, frightening customers away from th convenience store @ th top o th road! Sadly, no photos – peeps were too scared to venture out – ha!

      • Even more unforgettable fer th neighbours. A friend lived at that store and FORTY YRS LATER his Mum still talks about that titchy Tusken tyke!
        Happy times…

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