Song A Day Challenge: My Favorite Soundtracks (Day 3)

3092331-maxresdefaultFor day 3 of the Song A Day Challenge, I’m picking a song from the soundtrack to the 2009 Star Trek reboot film by Michael Giacchino. While John Williams will always be my all-time favorite film composer, I think Giacchino is my favorite of the next generation of film composers. I really appreciate what he was able to do with the music for the rebooted Trek franchise; like the movies themselves, he was able to honor what’s come before while also giving the score a fresh and exciting feel.

My favorite track is called “Enterprising Young Men,” which I believe plays as Kirk catches sight of the Enterprise in space for the first time. It’s upbeat, exciting, and captures that sense of wonder the Trek franchise is known for:

Interestingly, just as Star Trek director J.J. Abrams made the jump to a certain galaxy far, far away, Giacchino has also scored music for the Star Wars franchise. The first time I watched “Rogue One,” the music didn’t actually stand out to me all that much. But as I listened to the soundtrack later on at home, I’ve come to appreciate the music more. I’ve heard Giacchino had a very brief time to put together the music, and it would have been interesting to see what he could have done with more time. But there are some really lovely, emotional themes in “Rogue One,” such as the one from this bonus track:

Thanks again to Bradscribe for nominating me to take on the Song A Day Challenge!


5 thoughts on “Song A Day Challenge: My Favorite Soundtracks (Day 3)

  1. Yes, v interested in this composer!
    I liked th score he did for Rogue One – unlike William’s soundtrack for Th Force Awakens, I was aware of key themes during my 1st viewing
    Rogue One was released to buy on Monday here in th UK so will get my copy asap!
    Thank u for being my No.1 Follower:

    Happy Easter!

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