Song A Day Challenge: My Favorite Soundtracks (Day 2)

tron-legacy-daft-punkFor day 2 of the Song A Day Challenge, I’ve selected a song from the “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack by Daft Punk. I actually don’t own the “Tron: Legacy” film; it’s entertaining to watch but definitely falls short of what it could have been. However, I really, really love the soundtrack because it’s what first introduced me to French electronic music duo Daft Punk.

I thought Daft Punk did a really great job transferring their signature style to a full-length film score. The music has a very cool, futuristic vibe. Here’s one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack (the music actually gets going about 0:45):

I know I’m also supposed to be sticking to film scores, but here’s a bonus track from my favorite Daft Punk album, the disco-infused “Random Access Memories”:

Thanks again to Bradscribe for nominating me to take on the Song A Day Challenge!

7 thoughts on “Song A Day Challenge: My Favorite Soundtracks (Day 2)

  1. AHA! I KNEW u were going for Daft Punk!
    U’re absolutely right – their Tron soundtrack is more enjoyable than th movie.
    No apologies necessary for th bonus track – can always make time for Nile Rodgers. Yeah man…

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