A blog anniversary: Celebrating five years of Box Office Buzz!

anniversary-graphicAs you all know, I have a huge passion for movies. Going to the movie theater is my favorite hobby, and I will talk movies (especially sci-fi and superheroes!) with anyone who will listen. However, I didn’t actually start getting “serious” about this hobby until college and it wasn’t until a year after I graduated that I actually worked up the courage to start my own movie/entertainment blog. I’d always wanted to have a blog, but I was worried I couldn’t come up with enough content or I’d get negative feedback (we’ve all seen how the Internet isn’t always a nice place).

However, in October 2011 I made my very first post on WordPress, and these past five years have been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot and grown as a writer, and I’ve gotten to know some wonderful fellow bloggers who also love all things film.

My first post on Box Office Buzz was called “Superhero fatigue,” where I expressed concerns Hollywood would overwhelm viewers with superhero films (this was even pre-Avengers!). This post really cracks me up now because since then I’ve become a die-hard Marvel fangirl and I am definitely not tired of superhero films. While I still think it’s possible for Hollywood to reach superhero overload someday, as long as Marvel keeps doing what they’re doing, I’m more than happy to keep watching.

My first actual movie review was “Real Steel,” a Hugh Jackman film about boxing robots. It’s a pretty short review, and I can see I was still struggling to find my “voice” as a movie blogger back then. As I look over my past entries and compare them to more recent ones, I’ve noticed my style has changed. I’ve grown more confident, and I think my personality has shown more in my blog.

I’ve also learned what works — and what doesn’t. I often talk about how the summer blockbuster season is my favorite time of the year for movies, and for my first summer of blogging — summer 2012 — I decided I was going to see as many big-name releases as I could. I was at the theater pretty much every weekend. That was the only summer I did that because 1) it was really expensive, and 2) I saw some movies I really shouldn’t have spent my money on. 😉

I’m not fully certain how to work the WordPress stats page, but it appears my most-viewed post of all time is “Dream on: The legacy of Steven Spielberg,” with over 1,600 views. I’m sure most of those people ended up there by accident while Googling “Steven Spielberg,” but I’m always happy to see some love for my favorite director!

Probably my favorite moment as a blogger was Disney’s surprise purchase of Lucasfilm and the announcement we’d be getting new Star Wars films. The icing on the cake was the follow-up announcement my second-favorite director, J.J. Abrams, would be at the helm. I was so happy when “The Force Awakens” lived up to the hype, and I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite franchise heading in an exciting new direction.

I remodeled Box Office Buzz in May this year and have been thinking about where to take the blog in the future. I noticed in the beginning I wrote more newsy or issues-related stories tying into the general film industry (like spoilers, product placement, etc.). Since then, I’ve focused more on writing about my favorite genres: science fiction and superheroes. I’ve been playing around with the idea of renaming my blog to reflect this change in focus…or maybe I should go back to including newsy stuff again. Things for me to think about! 🙂

Anyway, as I said before, I was initially a little nervous about blogging because I was afraid of what negative comments people might make. However, while there’s a lot of negativity showing up in YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook comments these days, I’ve found WordPress to be a great, supportive community. Even if people disagree with a blogger, they do it respectfully and carry out a good-natured discussion.

So, thank you to everyone who has read or commented these past five years! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. There are several bloggers who were around when I first came to WordPress who have since left the blogosphere. While I miss their insights, sometimes life takes us in different directions. I know my life has changed a lot since I started blogging in 2011: buying and renovating a house, moving to a different city, starting a new job, getting married, and buying a different house! However, I hope all of you will keep hanging around WordPress, and I look forward to making new blogging friends in the years ahead.


15 thoughts on “A blog anniversary: Celebrating five years of Box Office Buzz!

  1. Let me b th 1st to say: CONGRATS!
    FIVE YRS, eh?! Blimey Charley! U’ve been bloggin more than I have – this month sees my 3 yr Anniversary as well!
    I am interested to hear what female Marvel fans have to say – LOVE your comic book-related Posts, and your interest in British drama is great.
    A high-5 for th last 5 – hoping u have many more awesome yrs o’ bloggin!
    This cldn’t b more apt: CHEERS!

    • Thank you very much, and happy three years of blogging to you! 🙂 I’ve loved watching the whole comic book movie genre really take off since I started blogging, including really great surprises like the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Hopefully I’ll still be writing good things about Marvel five years from now!

  2. Congrats on the milestone, Ashley! 😀 Five years is nothing to shake a stick at. It has been great fun following you and working with you. *Raises glass* Here’s to another five successful years. Cheers!

  3. Congratulations! You’re very right about the WordPress community – it’s a friendly platform where people can really discuss their interests! Keep going my friend 🙂

    • Thank you! I actually can’t remember why I initially chose WordPress over some of the other blogging platforms but I’m so glad I did. WordPress is easy to use and customize, and the community of users is fantastic. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! You’re a year & one month older than me. : ) I agree there’s a good community on the blogs – none of the negativity like on other social media… Keep up the great work! Wow – that Spielberg post has had a load of views. I get rubbish views! : )

    • Thank you! I really like posting about movies/TV here on WordPress, because the other social media platforms can get kind of crazy. Sometimes the YouTube comment section in particular makes me fear for the future of humanity! But WordPress thankfully is a good place. I’m pretty sure people just ended up on my Spielberg post by accident just by Googling his name, but maybe that’s a sign I should just stick “Steven Spielberg” in more blog posts! 😉 ha ha

  5. Congrats! Always interesting to see what your most viewed posts are. As far as the name change, I thikn you’ve got a fine name. But change it if you want I guess, its your blog after all!

    • Thank you! Yes, it is interesting to see what keywords bring people to one’s site. Maybe I should write more about Steven Spielberg. 😉 Thanks for the feedback about the name; I don’t have any specific ideas about what I would change it to, so perhaps it’s best to leave as is!

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