Box Office Buzz is getting a remodel!

Although I’ve been blogging here since 2011, I realized I hadn’t done anything to update the look of my blog, other than change one of the images in my header. 😉 I wanted to go with a design that was a little cleaner and a little more open, and also with more white space so the text was easier to read. I’m continuing to tweak the page, so let me know if you run across something that looks funny or doesn’t work correctly. Thanks to everyone who has followed along  with my blog!


10 thoughts on “Box Office Buzz is getting a remodel!

  1. Oh look, a chance to be a graphics geek! Love the collapsing header, and the image looks great! Also, my design teacher would approve of the change in background color, since she loved to inform us that “reversed type retards reading speed by 30%.” Yes Karen, thank you, we know. Awesome update! 😀

  2. Generally, I dread upgrades (in my experience they make tech worse) but I am so glad I seized the chance to change my Theme, and now my Posts look better than ever.
    This is a great Theme u’ve selected here, Ash, and th layout does look super! Does this mean u’ll b loading vids and/or gifs?!
    Keep up th good work!

      • Loading vids is much easier now than when I used my old Theme; gifs can b a pain – see some other bloggers load up 5-10 per Post: how do they manage that?!
        No more Marvel until November: wotcha gonna write about now?!

      • It feels like a long wait until Doctor Strange in November, and Star Wars in December! 😉 I’ve been thinking about another blog-a-thon project, maybe rewatching all the Harry Potter movies before the new movie this fall, or a Star Trek blog-a-thon this summer.

      • Blog-a-thon! 1 of th most fabulous words in th galaxy! Er, Trek for me, preferably w th original cast.
        Will b swotting up on Doc Strange comics between now & Nov.
        Btw, my latest Post – on mutants and dinosaurs – goes up tonight!

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