Swinging into action: Thoughts on Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studios is — at least for now — the undisputed victor when it comes to superhero films. “The Avengers” remains the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time (and one of the all-time highest grossing movies, period), and even their “B-list” heroes have become major stars and major money-makers. At this point, they can even make a blockbuster out of a walking tree and a talking, gun-toting raccoon.

However, a fact that has complicated the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that while there are a variety of Marvel comics films — Avengers spin-offs, Spider-Man, X-Men, etc. — Marvel Studios (and Disney) don’t have cinematic control of all the characters. Sony has the rights to Spider-Man, and Fox has the X-Men. Understandably, neither studio really wants to give up  those lucrative characters. A mash-up with X-Men and the Avengers, or a Spider-Man appearance in an Avengers film, seemed unlikely.

That is, until Sony recently announced a deal to allow Spider-Man to appear in a Marvel Studios film with characters like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, granting a long-time wish of many Marvel fans. According to the official press release from Marvel, Spider-Man will first make an appearance in an MCU film (possibly “Captain America: Civil War”?), then a solo film with help from the MCU team and a supposed “new creative direction.”

I really think this was a smart move on the part of Sony. Marvel Studios is the biggest power player in superhero movies, and allowing Spider-Man to appear in an MCU movie will only make the character more bankable. Bringing him into the same universe will offer new creative — and financial — opportunities.

4229836-1418955711-38972I am sad to see Andrew Garfield go as Spider-Man; although I haven’t seen a firm confirmation of this, it’s more than likely the role will be recast. Garfield brought a sense of lovably awkward earnestness to the role, and I don’t think we got a chance to see all he was capable of in the role, either. That being said, I think with this new direction it probably is a good call to go with a new actor, so that audiences’ perceptions of the character aren’t too tied to what’s been done before. What I’d actually like to see is, instead of recasting Peter Parker, having the movies features Miles Morales, a character from Marvel Comics who is Spider-Man in an alternative universe with no Peter Parker. Peter Parker already has been rebooted twice in a relatively short time, and using Miles Morales instead would give Spider-Man a genuine fresh start.

I’ve very curious to see how Spider-Man will be worked into the MCU. I’m guessing his first appearance will be more of a cameo, but Marvel Studios will certainly want to show off the new addition to the team. It will be interesting to see how the new Spider-Man interacts with the existing Marvel team. There’s already some big personalities in play, and general audiences are used to thinking of Spider-Man as operating on his own. Film makers will have to be careful about how he mixes with Iron Man, Thor, etc.

Overall, however, I think adding Spider-Man to the MCU is a good move, and positive news for Marvel fans (I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for an X-Men/Avengers mash-up). What do you hope to see from Spider-Man in the MCU?


Shout-out of the week: This week’s blog shout-out goes to Sidekick Reviews, a great blog with movie and TV reviews, as well as entertainment news. Check out this recent post on past Spider-Man films: https://sidekickreviews.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/battle-of-the-movies-spider-man-2002-vs-the-amazing-spider-man-2012/.


12 thoughts on “Swinging into action: Thoughts on Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  1. For Civil War, I hope it’s Peter Parker. The best would be if Sony reboots Spidey as MIles Morales (w/ Childish Gambino) and let Disney use Peter Parker in Marvel movies maybe even bring back Tobey Maguire. That would be awesome. Spiderman was the original Team-up character. Sadly his two best team-ups are the FOX titles. Man, if FOX were to come to play as well, we could get Hulk vs Wolverine. And Fantastic Four w/ Spider-man. What made Marvel great was that they were all in the same city. Unlike DC that made up a new city for each hero. It’s all NYC. But Civil War is about the heroes being forced to register and reveal their identities. So it’s not the same if Spidey is Miles Morales.

    • That’s a good idea; I’m not as familiar with the original comics, but if Spidey is Peter Parker in the Civil War storyline, I hope Disney does stick with that. It would be fun to see Tobey Maguire back as Spider-Man in the MCU movies, then a new actor cast as Miles Morales in a separate Sony reboot.

    • …..BUT! what if in civil war everyone reveals their identities, and Miles Morales reveals himself as Spiderman! And the others get confused and wonder why peter parker isn’t under the mask. Miles reveals the story of how he was bitten by a Spider at 13 yada yada yada (the rest of his comic book origin story). Miles looked up to Peter Parker, but when the green goblin kills him, Miles realizes that he is ready and needs to take over. Then the Civil War movie opens up and Miles decides to go in Peter Parker’s place.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! 😀 It’s been really interesting following everybody’s reaction to this news. I’ve heard of the rumours beforehand but it was still a surprise to find out when it became official. I’m looking forward to what both Marvel and Sony have in store for us fans!

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